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Autorennen: Rennen

Autorennen: Rennen

Join seven millions satisfied users and start racing with them in astonishing environment and with radically innovative steering mechanics.

Stop dreaming about being rally driver and become ONE!

Features included:
– 6 completely different tracks,
– 8 cars with sophisticated yet truly realistic driving models,
– whole pack of racing modes which will prove that you are worthy driver,
– improve your skills through interesting tutorial,
– re-paint your cars according to your mood and preferences,

Realistic driving model will drive you to rallying heaven and really fulfill your need for speed in racing games. CSR racers and at your fingerprints and advanced gameplay.

You can stop looking for other racing tracks, feel the asphalt with your car wheels and catch the legendary emotions. Start fighting for your destiny as a prominent member of racing driver community. Choose your favorite car (available GT cars, retail or legendary road cruisers) and start showing your skill to other players in multiplayer or on leaderboards. Achieve highest score and become ruler of the tracks.

Answer to your need for speed and install game which allow you to compete with others on real and beautiful asphalt tracks. Racing have never been so realistic and simulation was never that exciting.

Best car designers from porsche, ferrari, audi or mercedes factories were the inspirations for our car body designers. Amazing design meet with unexpected steering mechanics allows to feel like formula 1 driver on most famous tracks: le mans, monaco, nascar or indianapolis (indy car race).

Simulation way of driving with CSR or Gt cars is what we have brought to perfection in this next-gen racing game. Motorsport competition has never been so innovative and realistic, even forza races wasn’t that rewarding in areas on which Need for Real Speed.

Plenty of customizable cars with advanced driving models on asphalt or sand. You can choose from different body cars which are completely different from mercedes, lamborghini audi or bmw but they are also amazing.

Need for astonishing speed allows you to dominate on racing tracks and shows other players where is their place. Daytona or indianapolis races provides extreme emotions and similarly

Most wanted elements in popular racing games are commonly known, on the other hand we provide some sort of originality in expert and demanding approach to drifts and nitro acceleration. Being tired of fast and furious races with focus on different elements apart from pure cars and rallying you should try experience which is focused on racing and rallying.

Driving cars like lamborghini gallardo, ferrari or expensive models of ford

Neue Funktionen

– driving mechanics improved,
– sound issues solved,

Weitere Informationen

Aktualisiert : 29. April 2014
Größe : 34M
Installationen : 1.000.000–5.000.000
Aktuelle Version : 1.3
Erforderliche Android-Version: : 2.3.3 oder höher Einstufung des Inhalts : USK ab 0 Jahren Mehr erfahren
Interaktive Elemente : Onlinekäufe
In-App-Produkte : 0,72 € pro Artikel
Berechtigungen :


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