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Big Bug Busters

Big Bug Busters

*Updated with Facebook Integration!
*Now playable in Samsung Galaxy S2! (In case you experience crashes, just turn off sfx in the options menu and you’ll be fine! fix will come soon!)
*Collect in-game agon crystals and use them to buy support units and items!


Big Bug Busters is an epic adventure tale about the sudden appearance of giant bug invaders from unknown reasons; two siblings who find themselves away from each other due to this incident; a rising hero/heroine who would face his/her greatest childhood fear of bugs.

The features below are all part of this game . However, you can still help us improve the experience of this game. Suggestions and purchases are all welcome. Prepare your big bug buster for the epic campaign mode!

The beta currently contains:
– Variety of power-up items and support units
– Endless mode
– Different enemies and patterns
– High score for bragging rights
– HD Graphics, great for tablets

This game will contain (through a series of regular free updates):
– a compelling story
– 30 levels for campaign mode
– 30 unique bosses
– Facebook integration
– Achievements
– More enemies and enemy patterns
– New Gameplay modes

Neue Funktionen

– added Facebook Integration
– Samsung Galaxy S2 users can now play! stretch bug fixed! (if you experience random crashes, just turn off the sfx in the options menu. fixing it, sorry for the inconvenience)
– In-game crystals now available! Use them to buy support units and items!

Weitere Informationen

Aktualisiert : 24. März 2012
Größe : 24M
Installationen : 5.000–10.000
Aktuelle Version : 1.2
Erforderliche Android-Version: : 2.1 oder höher Einstufung des Inhalts : Nicht bewertet Warnung: Die Inhalte wurden noch nicht bewertet. Nicht bewertete Apps können potenziell Inhalte enthalten, die nur für Erwachsene geeignet sind. Mehr erfahren
Berechtigungen :


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