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Chisel Mod MinecrafT 27.05.2014 Dowland GünceL

There are many mods that will improve your houses building and will also offer you more choice for your house to build with. Still as many as it may, there actually not many of them that actually make your houses and construction look less edgy and make it look more natural. With Chisel Mod you will be able to do that. No more will you have to craft excess block to make your house fit and look even.

Chisel Mod

Chisel Mod

With Chisel Mod install, you will be able to craft curve blocks to build your houses on the edge of your house and make it look more natural without losing the original beauty. This mod also add two new items in Ball P’Moss and Cloud in a bottle. The Ball O’Moss will make your block look mossier when you throw the item at it. Cloud in the bottle will make the block look cloudier. These two item work like snowball so you will need to hold them then aim and throw for the effect to take place.

While Chisel Mod may not raise many eye brown but this mod actually is a perfect fit for those players who like to construct building instead of adventuring. So if you are one of those then this mod won’t disappoint you. Remember to show your support by clicking on the like button on this page and website.

Chisel Mod Main Features

  • Add two new items
  • Add Curve block that come in different color

Chisel Mod Pros and Cons


  • Very interesting idea and very well made for those who love building structure


  • Will only appeal to those who love building
  • Require Forge

Chisel Mod Change Log

  • Update some block texture
  • Compatible with latest MineCraft Version

How to Install Chisel Mod

  1. Download and Install Forge into your computer and make sure it fully functional
  2. Download Chisel Mod from our download link below
  3. Find Mod Folder which is found in .minecraft
  4. Copy and Paste this mod into the Mod Folder
  5. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter

Download Chisel Mod

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