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DonatorExpress Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.5 Dowland

Have you server owners ever wanted to get some money from your server to help cover the costs of running it? Maybe to have a little extra spending money on the side?  It’s a bit of a hassle to do, isn’t it?  Every time someone wants to buy something from you, you have to get the money from them via some internet service, and then type a command to give them that something.  It’s a pain at times.  This plugin will allow you to let go of that and let you set up an online shop which will handle all the dirty work.  All your users have to do is go to your site and purchase some virtual currency (which you name), and then choose what they want to buy.  Want to charge 10 dollars a month for a title that gives them access to a free iron toolkit whenever they want?  That works here.  Want to sell diamonds for $0.10 USD a pop?  That works, too.  You can adjust all of these prices, by the way.

You’ll need to know how to use MySQL for this plugin, but it’s not too hard to get a grasp on.  Just google it, since I don’t need to learn how to use it.  Chances are, if you can’t google, you can’t use it anyway.

DonatorExpress Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.5 Main Features

  • Online micro-transaction store for your server.
  • Not much in the way of setup.

How to Use the DonatorExpress Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.5

  • Set up an account with the website.
  • Set up a MySQL database.
  • Set up your server for the web portal.  This will need to be PHP.
  • Set up a paypal account to link to the portal.
  • Link them up.
  • Edit the shop.

I really think this is too advanced for this site.  I’m not teaching myself PHP and SQL to get 8 bucks out of the deal.  If you run a server already, this shouldn’t be much of a stretch for you.  Have fun!

DonatorExpress Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.5 Pros and Cons


  • Automated micro-transactions for your minecraft server.


  • Good luck learning PHP and SQL.

DonatorExpress Plugin Version 1.6.3 for Minecraft 1.7.5 Changelog

  • Let users with capital letters in their names buy things.

How to Install the DonatorExpress Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.5

  1. Drag the plugin into your plugins folder for your server.
  2. Good luck doing the rest.  I’ve been digging for a while and couldn’t find anything I understood.  Then again, I’m more of a hardware guy.

Download DonatorExpress Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.5

Download DonatorExpress Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.2

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