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Minecraft 1.7 Still Hungry 2014 GünceL

Hungry? Install this mod. The Still Hungry mod features a TON of new foods! You also get 3 extra crops to grow and some cooking tools for your convenience.


You also get a stove. The stove works using a frying pan (which is also new)!



The frying pan is used with fuel (like wood or coal) in the furnace to let you cook certain things, like lamb steak or taco shells (which make tacos)!


Worried about carrying all this food around? No worries. Use a lunchbox to hold 6 of your delicious cooked items.


This mod has a ridiculous amount of new features. To name a couple: squids now drop meat that can be cooked, you can make burgers, mugs, flour, jam, fries, oil, and much much MUCH more! For the full list of recipes and things you can make, check out the developer’s forum link.


If that wasn’t enough, this mod also gives you access to hedges of different types. Perfect for any garden:


Download the mod now, and let’s get cooking!

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14 May 2014 Saat : 8:09
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