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MinecrafT Elemental Creepers Dowland Direckt New Mod

Creepers. They’re absolutely TERRIFYING, right? Well, this mod takes creepers to a whole new level.


It adds in a HUGE number of new creepers, each unique and dangerous in its own way. Some notable examples include:

The fire creeper, who loves lava and spits out fire when he explodes.


The water creeper, whom you can find lurking around water as he waits to soak you.


The ice creeper (a.k.a. the snow creeper), a creeper that just wants every day to be a snow-filled one.


The dark creeper, someone you don’t want to run into after the sun sets.


And many many more! The complete list of creeper types is as follows: Fire, water, electric, earth, reverse, snow, light, dark, cookie, illusion, magma, psychic, spider, stone, wind, ender, solar, hydrogen, EU (requires IC2), and flux (requires a mod that uses redstone flux).


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