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Minecraft Hileleri 15.06.14 iPod Mod 1.7.2 (2014) Yeni

Minecraft Hileleri 15.06.14 iPod Mod 1.7.2/1.8.1

iPod Mod is a mod that creates an iPod in Minecraft!. With this mod you get some new items associated with the iPod. On the ipod are useful aplications which you can create explosions and more! allows you to access a ton of really cool apps right inside your Minecraft game! Spawn in any creature you like, create huge FIERY explosions and tons more with this awesome mod.

iPod Mod Full App List

-Weather app

– TNT app

– Thrash app

– Mine app

– Spawn app

– Menu app

– TP app

– Magic app

– Games app

– Stats app

– Life app

– Settings app

– Music app

– Info app

m Minecraft Hileleri 15.06.14 iPod Mod 1.7.2

iPod Mod Updates

  • Bug fix! iPod block has now a texture
  • Added more apps, better apps, nicer apps, and deleted almost all the useless apps!
  • you dont need to make 8 apps, you need one app, to have the appso ¦
  • And changed texture of the moter
  • And you need headphones to have the music app!

How to Install iPod Mod

  1. Download the correct installer version of Minecraft Forge
  2. Run the installer and select ‘install client’
  3. Download the mod
  4. Place the mod zip file into the mods folder in .minecraft (if there isn’t a mods folder, create one)
  5. Run the Minecraft launcher with the Forge profile selected and enjoy the mod!

Credit to R-craft for makes this iPod Mod

Download iPod Mod 1.7.2

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