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Minecraft Mods 2014 Underground Biomes 1.7.2/1.6.4 New

Minecraft Mods 2014 Underground Biomes 1.7.2/1.6.4

Underground Biomes Mod – Download Underground Biomes Mod for Minecraft. Well minecrafters, this mod These biomes occur differently to the surface biomes making explorationg underground more. Overhauls the underground experience with Underground Biomes that define the rock types and ores present. Underground Biomes Mod also Adds 57 new blocks using 12 block IDs and 1 new item. Sound interesting right ? want to download and install this Underground Biomes Mod ? just see my post below

Underground Biomes Mod Features

  • 8 types of Igneous rock with Cobblestone and Bricks.
  • 8 types of Metamorphic rock with Cobblestone and Bricks.
  • Half slabs for all Brick types
  • 8 types of sedimentary rock.
  • A coal storage block
  • Lignite, a low quality coal found in large quantities
  • All Vanilla recipes updated to use new rock, cobble and brick types
UndergroundBiomes Minecraft Mods 2014 Underground Biomes 1.7.2/1.6.4

You can edit the mod config file if you want by going to the config folder in your minecraft directory and opening ‘UndergroundBiomes.cfg’
with Notepad or any other text editor. You can set all the block and item IDs for the mod here to fix any conflicts that may occur with other mods.

You can also disable compatibility mode. This setting is designed to allow this mod to be compatible with other mods that alter terrain gen but can slow loading down by around 10%. Only set this to false if you are not using any other terrain gen mods and are having poor performance.

Custom ore vein generation can also be disabled. This should be done if another mod alters iron, gold, or coal gen otherwise there both mods will run the generation are there will likely be too much ore.

We still looking for latest updates for both features and detail information about Underground Biomes Mod, so to those of you whose already using this mod can share some tips, trick of even tutorial and please do not be hesitate, feel free to. OK minecraft, this is it, until next post on another minecraft things we need to know. See you soon guys and thank you for visiting my post about Underground Biomes Mod


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