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MineCraft Moses Mod 2014 Mayıs

The Moses Mod is a very useful mod. Barring the religious aspect of it, it retains a very key feature of, as you can probably guess, creating a dry path in a body of water. It’s a very simple mod but the application is enormous. You could in theory clear an entire ocean if you wanted with a few simple right-clicks and then replace it all with another right-click.

Water Before

Water After

What makes this mod really neat is how you obtain the Moses Staffs, of which there are two, The Staff of Moses and The Burnt Staff of Moses. You have to actually light a bush on fire and throw a stick into it and the Staff of Moses will drop.

Burning Bush

The Burnt staff is a little more difficult since you have to grab it before it burns. To get that one you have to throw a regular staff in lava. The Burnt Staff is used for, yep you guessed it, clearing a lava path.

Lava After


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