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Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb

This is an Update to my previous Phineas and ferb App, I couldn’t do a normal update, due to some “Difficulties”. This was the description on the app. It’s like Whac-a-Mole, where a “mole” pops up at random positions on a playing field, and the user score points by hitting the mole with a mallet But this time around it’s with Phineas and Ferb and even Perry. You’ll be playing as Candice though you’ll never see her in the game.
Note: This game is in no way associated with Disney. I’m just a bored student that decided to make an app.

Neue Funktionen

*Added bonus points feature
*Added matching tile game
*Added ability to set time limit
This is my last update
Fixed alignment problem for Tablets.
Highscore function,
Tried to make it more interesting.
Added a global highscore feature
Fixed Ferb bug

Weitere Informationen

Aktualisiert : 14. Juli 2012
Größe : 4,2M
Installationen : 1.000.000–5.000.000
Aktuelle Version : 7.0
Erforderliche Android-Version: : 1.5 oder höher Einstufung des Inhalts : Nicht bewertet Warnung: Die Inhalte wurden noch nicht bewertet. Nicht bewertete Apps können potenziell Inhalte enthalten, die nur für Erwachsene geeignet sind. Mehr erfahren
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