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1. Collect palladium. ( 1800-2000 per hour )
2. Automatic use PET for collecting.
3. Repair ship when it is under 95% of health.
4. Switch configuration when you are under 45% of health and move outside of fog to repair.
5. Kill all pirates when ship is under attack. ( Not shooting other players! )
6. Selling palladium when you are 100% full ( Must have hangar on 5-2 ).
7. Program is automatically updated when it is necessary!
8. Auto reconnect if internet connection is lost or if the servers restarts. (work with Google Chrome)

For Premium users:

9. Revive if your ship is down.
10. Send and Upgrade lasers with Seprom or send and sell Prommerium ( each time when bot is selling )
11. Produce your Tech items from Tech center ( each time when bot is selling )
12. Revive/Repair PET ( each time when bot is starting or selling )
13. Using the abilities of the AEGIS ( they should be placed in some of the hotkeys (1-10) or just be visible )
14. Using OS/KOS ( OS/KOS will collect and kill pirates but if necessary this bot will sell, revive, reconnect, switch PET in the same time) New

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