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PORTALS FOR MINECRAFT 1.7.9 [BUKKIT–05.07.2014 Dowland

Download Portals for Minecraft 1.7.9 [Bukkit]

Download portals bukkit for minecraft 1.7.9, 1.7.8

Download portals bukkit for minecraft 1.7.9, 1.7.8

What is Portals Bukkit
Ever seen a server with portals made of water and/or lava? Well, here is a lightweight plugin that adds that so you, too, can have portals!How it works: 

  1. Set an anchor point using /setanchor [name]. This will set an anchor to your current position.
  2. Choose an area for your portal, and select the corners with left/right clicks with the wand in hand.
  3. Use /setportal [name] [anchor].
  4. OPTIONAL: Instead of using an anchor’s name, you may enter “~random” and the portal will teleport players to a position within the same world within +/- 30,000,000 x/z, randomly, of course.


  • Having an anchor point is not required to create a portal; the portal simply won’t do anything until an anchor with the given name has been defined
  • Technically, you can override ~random by creating an anchor with that exact name
  • Creating a new anchor with an existing name will update the position to the new one
  • Creating a new portal with an existing name will update the portal to the new selection/anchor destination


Setting Default Description
wand BLAZE_ROD The item used to select corners for portal creation
update-liquids false Whether liquids will block-update within the portal frame
message.format ‘{PREFIX} &r{MESSAGE}’ How messages look when outputted by the plugin
message.prefix ‘&r[&bPortals&r]‘ The prefix attached to messages outputted by the plugin


Command Permission Level Node Description
portalsreload Op portals.command.reload Reloads Portals’ configuration files
portal Op portals.command.portal Print info on a single portal
anchor Op portals.command.anchor Teleport to an anchor point
setportal Op portals.command.setportal Create a new portal
setanchor Op portals.command.setanchor Create a new anchor
removeportal Op portals.command.removeportal Delete a portal
removeanchor Op portals.command.removeanchor Delete an anchor
listportals Op portals.command.listportals List all portals
listanchors Op portals.command.listanchors List all anchors

Additional Permissions

Permission Usage
portals.use.wand Enables the player with this permission to be able to use the wand, as defined in the configuration.
portals.use.portal.[portal] Enables the player with this permission to use the portal with the same name.
portals.use.portal.* Enables the player with this permission to use all portals.
Download Portals for Minecraft [Bukkit]
[1.7.8] Download
[1.7.9] Download
Author: monkeyfunk26
Progress: 100% Complete
Game Version: Minecraft 1.7.8
Tags: Server
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