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Scouter Mod 1.7.2 2014

Scouter Mod allows you to track or scout any mobs in the world. It will also allow you to lock on to mobs and or blocks from various distances. You can create lockons for multiple mobs or blocks so you can find them from anywhere in the world.

dg Scouter Mod 1.7.2

  1. Download the correct installer version of Minecraft Forge
  2. Run the installer and select ‘install client’
  3. Download the mod
  4. Place the mod zip file into the mods folder in .minecraft (if there isn’t a mods folder, create one)
  5. Run the Minecraft launcher with the Forge profile selected and enjoy the mod!

Credit to dewfalse for makes this Scouter Mod

Download Scouter Mod 1.7.2

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12 April 2014 Saat : 7:36
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