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Minecon Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.7.9, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4 (20.05.2014) GünceL

There are thousands of texture packs available in the world wide web and you are free from choosing any of them you like. The thing is, sometimes they change the world to the extent that its unique characteristics are seen no more. Colorful and neatness are what we want, but they are either too colorful or too neat that the world seems dull. So, this well-balanced texture pack has been created.

Minecon Texture Pack is a texture pack which is very simple in looks. This texture pack will hold the game’s uniqueness as it was since the beginning. It will put smooth and neat colors that will make the world look colorful. It will be enough to brighten the world but not too much to make players go dizzy as they see them for a long time. Another thing about this texture pack is that it will make the world sharp and edgy once again. Check the screenshots below and decide whether or not you will try it.

19 May 2014
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