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MobControl Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft 1.7.9, 1.7.5 and 1.7.2 Full 2014 New

There has been dozens of Minecraft Multiplayer Mods that allow a player to transform into a mob, a creature of the game of Minecraft to disguise them self, and spook other players. It’s also a great way of spying. But have you ever wanted to see yourself as a mob, and roam the night. However, a lot of the time a plugin that allows you to disguise yourself as a mob only lets other players see you as that mob however you, yourself cannot. This is a problem because often enough the player using the feature wont know if his/her disguise has worked. However with this plugin for bukkit, the feature the player with the disguise can see themselves as well as the mob involved. A player viewing would simply see the disguised player as a real mob. This can lead to awesome fun, pranking, and spying on other players.

18 May 2014
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