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HudCraft Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.7.9, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4 2014 GünceL

I enjoy things that serve a purpose. Clever ideas to simple problems. HudCraft here is a texture pack that  caught my attention.Along with the smooth, solid color wool and storage blocks (iron, gold, diamond, and emerald) is the main feature of the pack, the pumpkin. Normally when you put a pumpkin on your head you find yourself mostly in the dark and looking out through the eye and mouth holes. HudCraft’s view from inside a pumpkin is a set of lines, numbers and dots. Sounds thrilling right? These handful of lines, numbers and dots would be useless to the common caveman but they are formatted in such a way that allows you to judge distance between you and a target block or mob. This configuration goes even further to give you the height at which, corresponding to the distance you are from the target, to aim your bow. All it takes is a little know how a pumpkin and you’ll never miss again.

HudCraft Texture PackHudCraft Texture PackHudCraft Texture PackHudCraft Texture PackHudCraft Texture PackHudCraft Texture Pack

19 May 2014
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